So tell me tumblr users,

If you were to pick one of two, would it be 

iphone 5, or galaxy s3?

Posted at 16:46 on Monday 17 September 2012
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  2. nocturnalboxofmind answered: i think you should do as much vs. research before making up your mind,utube should have vs. reviews or go to the shops and see the phone
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  4. catherinerina answered: s3
  5. obscurites answered: Galaxy S3
  6. queenkobra answered: galaxy s3
  7. astroabyss answered: lol galaxy s3 fo sho
  8. electrick-lady answered: iphone 5!
  9. nomadbitch answered: galaxy s3
  10. cuadricula answered: iphone 5
  11. fleshpatterns answered: iphone
  12. lets-pretend-for-awhile said: Iphones are for champs, don’t let yourself down, champ.
  13. i-mahu answered: iPhone 5 all the way
  14. liveflawlessly answered: galaxy s3
  15. yellowhairedrobot answered: iphone 5
  16. ericsozone answered: iphone 5, just because I don’t see the Galaxy S3 getting as much OS support. That’s what happens when google doesn’t make the phons
  17. gentleeearthling answered: iphooooooonnneee
  18. daisy--change answered: galaxy s3
  19. aqueoustransmission answered: GALAXY S3
  20. insignisbellator answered: just wait for something better! and if its life or death, go with iphone
  21. pixx3l answered: galaxy; it has the word galaxy, this is an obvious choice
  22. my-sufi-heart answered: galaxy s3 because apple company is a leech and may be able to disable you camera and network at any time, its in the Terms that no1 reads -_-
  23. kaylaruffalo answered: *maniacal laughter*
  24. pandoras-amphora answered: iphone 5 :)
  25. celestialsentience answered: Either get the 5 now or wait until the S4.
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    you guys ar literally tearing me apart bcuz ist like half and half guys why are you doing this to me
  27. failing-lungs answered: iphone5
  28. zurisierra answered: iphone 5
  29. pomodoro answered: S3 does panorama too…
  30. hekikomori answered: S4
  31. warbere answered: s3
  32. anemptyurl answered: Galaxy
  33. sampling-serendipity answered: s3
  34. seesawing answered: iphone
  35. ohbety answered: GS3 fer sure
  36. ilovesailorv answered: GS3, hands down
  37. sicksilhouette answered: iphone all da way
  38. babysativa said: iPhone 5
  39. mixalot answered: iphone 5!!!!! it’s beautiful and I heard the battery lasts longer for it than for the galaxy.
  40. ontzettendzonde answered: galaxy s3
  41. a-girl-named-dylan answered: iphone 5
  42. dead-astronaut-in-space answered: galaxy s3
  43. overrblown answered: iphone
  44. taxydriver answered: galaxy s3 hands down
  45. vanitetoxine answered: Galaxy S3
  46. kaylaruffalo answered: Galaxy S3
  47. faarwell said: galaxy 3 ftw